Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review of Gotham

A few thoughts on the Gotham pilot.

I am not a DC person. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the movies per say, but I have never read the comics. Now, like everyone else, I have seen the DC movies, even the really bad ones (I am looking at your Superman Returns). So, I don’t know all of the backstories involved with some of the characters in the show.

First of all. It took them like 1.8 milliseconds to kill Bruce’s parents. I mean yeah, you knew it was coming. But damn, I had just sat down and bam they are dead. This isn’t a complaint, since I mostly found that amusing. Oh and before the show came on they did the parental discretion is advise in what sounded like a fake christain bale batman voice. Really odd.

I really liked the feel of the city. It was dark and gritty. Gotham is a very dangerous place and you could feel it from the get go. I also just liked the way it looked and the way it was filmed.

The acting was ok, even though there were some pretty bad lines from time to time. Especially when Gordon was telling young master Wayne there will be light! Yikes. But overall, the acting wasn’t too bad and that is all you can ask for in a pilot. It is also pretty well cast.

They did cram quite a bit of villains in the first episode. It never felt like TOO much, but still there were quite a few. I can see how that could be a problem sometimes if they aren’t careful.

The plot was ok. You didn’t really expect a lot of twists and turn since you know so many of these characters. The framing of Pepper was kind of obvious as you couldn’t have them figure out the murder in the first episode. I do like how corrupt the cops are and how that is going to be a real problem for Gordon. It just adds a bit more to it.

Overall, it was fun. Not perfect, but most pilots aren’t. It did enough to make me want to watch more, and that is what matters I suppose.

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