Thursday, May 14, 2015

The rise of comic book tv shows

I find it interesting that super hero shows are gaining popularity now. I don’t mind this at all as I have enjoyed Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Arrow, Flash, and more recently Daredevil. You may not agree that all of these shows are great, and that is fine. Hell, my soul still hurts knowing that I watch two shows on the CW. The horror. 

Now comes the trailer of Supergirl, which I really liked btw. I am just reminded of a time not long ago where could even imagine having five at least five of them on at the same time. Yes, the movies that Marvel make have something to do with this, but since DC doesn’t make a good movie (Batman aside), it is interesting that two of the more popular ones are minor DC characters (at least compared to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.). Now don’t get pissy comic book person, just saying compared to the big three. Breathe, it will be ok. 

My point is that I remember them saying this kind of show would not work on tv. Now, I don’t think they are necessarily dominating when it comes to ratings, but that is just a bullshit thing anyways. Remember when Wonder Woman was supposed to be a show for like 8 seconds? No one would watch it right? Well, here comes Supergirl. I would still love to see a WW show too, but from what I saw of this it has me excited. The most interesting thing is that it will be on CBS, a network actually known sometimes as the network for older people. That seems very unlike what they normally want to put out there. 

It doesn’t hurt that they seem to be done better as well. Daredevil was one of the better shows I have ever seen before and even the ones on network tv are at least trying to find ways to be better. Hell, AoS was much better the second season than the first. 

And you hear of other shows that are coming, especially on Netflix. 

So, here we are watching really nerdy tv shows. I have never been a comic book person that much, but I love the idea of them and have always been fan of the movies.  I hope more are coming, and I truly hope that the people making them are going to put real effort into them and make them quality shows, as opposed to just throwing yet another out there to cash in on the popularity. 

Let’s face it, that is possible. But let's hope for the best. :)