Monday, August 31, 2015

I love open world rpgs but I am an idiot

So, I am a dumbass.

There are so many great games out there and lord knows I love good open world rpg’s such as Dragon Age Inquisition and Witcher: Wild Hunt. These games are freaking awesome, but I go about playing them in the dumbest way possible.

Both of these games are awesome, and Witcher could eventually be my favorite RPG of all time. It is that good. But the dumb I do is I keep starting over.

I know, right?

So, I start the game I and love it. But you can tinker around with that kind of player you want to play. With DAO you can try different classes, and with Witcher you get to figure out which of the gameplay types you want. Do you want use magic? Or go all in on fast attack?

So, I do that for a while and then I start over AGAIN. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I do love the beginnings of games and both of these games are great at starting a story.  

So, the end result is that I have played DAO multiple times for over 75 hours. I have played Witcher about the same and recently started over. The problem is that I got burned out on both of them. So I am taking a break from them and playing old school final fantasy.

It is so stupid.

But now freking Fallout 4 is coming out and I really have to make myself just play the damn game and stop obsessing over tinkering around with the kind of character I can be.

One can only hope.

Does anyone else do this?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My thoughts on Star Wars Battlefront

First of all, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Saying that I did not get into Battlefront much before, mostly cuz at that point I did not do shooters at that point. But the love is there.

Secondly, the new Star Wars Battlefront game looks fucking amazing. I mean the shots on Hoth? Wow. It is what Star Wars fans have been hoping for years. Finally a game that truly feels like the movies. YES.

Well, if you play multi-player that is.

I don’t even know where to start. No single player campaign at all. This makes me really sad as I just don’t like multi-player games. The odd thing to me is that I keep hearing that they don’t think that many people even play single player. But I have seen hundreds of people on my social networking that all are upset about this. I am not mad, cuz what is the point of that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish it would happen.

So is this a mistake? I imagine that game is going to sell very well, but you have to wonder how much money they are missing by excluding people like me. As pretty as the game is, I won’t be playing it. I will probably still be playing Fallout 4 at this point. But how many people are going to miss out on what looks like a phenomenal game. But it really makes me wonder how many people will not buy the game just like me. Will they eventually have a single player campaign in a later game? Maybe, but not now.

Or it could be that I am being stubborn. Well, I already know that is the case, but I really wish I could get over my multiplayer bit, but I like to sit back and relax and play games at my own speed. But I am gonna miss out on kicking ass with a lightsaber or getting behind the “wheel” of an X-wing. Oh man I freaking LOVE X-wings!!!!!!!!!

So, who know what the right answer. I do feel like they are making a mistake in doing what they are doing, but at the same time they are going to sell millions of copies more than likely and may just not care.

I hope that isn’t the case, but I do hope those that play this game love the hell out of it.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Final Fantasy challenge

I love Final Fantasy. I always have, and probably always will. I mean they are even remaking my favorite one of all (FF7) at some point. No soon though.

I have also always loved IGN, and especially their playstastion podcast, podcast beyond. So, when Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty left their job to start their own youtube channel, I eventually started following them there. The reason this is relevant is that I joined their community on their web page ( and we have talked A LOT of Final Fantasy. Especially as to which one is the best. The answer is usually 4, 6,or 7.

So, I had an idea. It may be a dumb idea that I may do alone…but that is ok. I am going to play all of the Final Fantasy games from the beginning. Now this excludes 3 and 4 as I don’t have them on the Playstation 3. Well, probably not as worst case scenario is that I can play them on steam or buy a vita.

The funny thing is I realized I have not finished all of them. I have not finished 1, 2, 5, 6 (don’t kill me), or 8.

While I am doing that, I am gonna then review each one once I am done to and rate each one. From worst to best. It could take a while. 

So, I was gonna see if anyone else wanted to do this with me. It doesn’t even have to be all of them, but maybe whichever I am on at the time. So, if I am playing 2, you could start playing it at the same time, and then we can all talk about it once it is done.

I know this may be a silly thing, but I LOVE this series and would like to eventually finish all the games.

*I left out Tactics, only cuz it is a different type of game and although it is AMAZING.
** None of the sequels either.
***This is insane I know.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What is wrong with Final Fantasy XV

First of all I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan. I have been since I played FF 7 and Tactics back when the original Playstation came out in 1997. Ah, there are some damn good memories of me and a few friends just binge playing both of those games.

I have played almost every game in the series. I don’t do online games, so not XI or XIV. I also did not play the last two XII games cuz they looked awful.

But Final Fantasy XV was first announced I believe nine years ago. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? They have been working on this game for so long that a lot of people that are fans of the games no longer give a shit.

That is part of the problem. You honestly wonder if the game is ever going to be finished.

Then a demo came out when you bought Final Fantasy Type-0, and I was really excited for a moment. But the first issue is the fact that there are no women in the party. Oh joy. It just feels odd that you are all guys. Then you finally get to the only woman in the demo, an overly sexualized female mechanic. It was just tacky and it made me sad.

To be fair the demo was fun and I liked some of the game-play elements, so I do have some hope that it could turn out. But you have NO idea when it is going to be done and we are coming up on a decade…and I would be shocked if it came out in the next year or so.

But to me at least, they did an odd thing. They created a patch for the demo that added new things to it. I mean would you just create the damn me instead of patching a freaking demo? I don’t understand the point of this and saw no need in playing it again.

Then the new came out that they are remaking FF7. Which will be a different post at some point.

Then today a new demo came out and people have went nuts talking about it. Talking how emotional it was and how they cried watching it. You can watch it here.

Ok .First of all, I am a pretty emotional guy, so I get that part. But after watching it, I was underwhelmed. It didn’t actually show much of anything. First there is a scene of a small girl being threatened by something and oh a dog! Why are people going so crazy over a dog. Geesh. But the last part where the father is holding the little boy (which I believe is the main character) is sad. But how this is making people cry I don’t get. Emotion requires context and although it was a sweet scene of a father holding his child…that is all got out of it.

Other than that? Nothing. No game play. Nothing telling you what is going on. Just more camoflague by Square is what this feels like.

So, yeah I have serious doubts about this. The lack of diversity in characters as it is just four white dudes running about. The fact that everything year hear makes it sound like it is still not close to done…after ten years! That is just a bit much. 

Makes me wonder if FF7 WILL ever happen at all. If so, it will probably be like at least 5 years. 

EDIT. So, a rumor is circulating that the game will be released before 2017. I will believe that when the game is in my hand. Even then, I may think it is a fever dream or a psychotic break. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

I have superhero movie fatigue

I remember how excited I was last year when I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved both movies, but for very different reasons. But the fact is, they were excellent movies that Marvel made in their never ending pursuit to have you give all of your hard earned money to them.

But those were the last I really got excited about. Yes, Avenger’s 2 came out this year, and I enjoyed it. But that movie has started my superhero fatigue. Hell, part of me wanted to see Ant Man, and I even heard it was good. But I just cannot get excited enough about it to watch it. And the Fantastic 4 movie? Please. This isn't even taking into consideration all of superhero tv shows out there now!

So, what changed?

Is it just that there was too much of it? OR is it something else? For me it is a few different things. 1. I was bored with Age of Ultron before the movie even premiered. Mostly due to the fact that there was a trailer/teaser every fifteen second either on tv or the interwebs. There was TOO DAMN MUCH OF IT. I made a comment to a co-worker today that I finally wanted the movie to show so it I could go see it and not have to deal with all of the damn promotion of it anymore. He laughed, and then agreed.

That is sad, cuz the second movie never had a chance of being as good as the first one anyways. That isn’t a bad thing, but the first had been built up with previous movies and it had a feeling of satisfaction to see it all come together. Ultron did not. But I digress.

Then there is word that there is almost 20 movies coming out between now and 2019 I think. Holy fuck. Reallly? Do I need to see another lackluster Thor movie? Yet ANOTHER Spiderman reboot? Or an Aquaman movie? I mean who is that movie for? Wow.

I will say this, I am at least intrigued by the Batman vs. Superman movie, and it will probably be the next one I see. Love me some Wonder Woman, but am afraid they will try to do too much and it will end up a mess. Suicide Squad? I don’t know many of them and don’t know what to make of that one yet.

My point is that is that too much? I mean it is great that we live in a world where these movies can be great. But with this many movies coming out in the next few years, will people just get tired of them?

I already am a little, but I know I can be brought back into it with the right movie. Here is how I feel about each movie.

Ant Man-meh
Fantastic 4-god no
Batman vs. Superman-they are winning me over
Civil War-excited!
X-men Apocalypse-a little excited
Doctor Strange-nope
Suicide Squad-jury is out
Wolverine 2-meh
Guardians 2-a little excited
Wonder Woman-hell yeah
Spiderman-Jesus, again?
Fantastic Four 2-see previous
Thor-see previous again
Justice league-depends on how movies do
Flash-more into the tv show
Avengers: Infinity war-not really
Black Panther-know nothing about him
Aquaman-is this a joke?
Captain Marvel-mildly interested.
Shazam-Wait. What?
Yet another avengers movie-ugh
Justice League 2-don’t know

That is not really inspiring. Of the 20, I may go see 8. I know there are people out there that may be excited about a lot more than this, and that is cool. Go see what you love and I really hope they are all amazing.