Monday, August 3, 2015

I have superhero movie fatigue

I remember how excited I was last year when I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved both movies, but for very different reasons. But the fact is, they were excellent movies that Marvel made in their never ending pursuit to have you give all of your hard earned money to them.

But those were the last I really got excited about. Yes, Avenger’s 2 came out this year, and I enjoyed it. But that movie has started my superhero fatigue. Hell, part of me wanted to see Ant Man, and I even heard it was good. But I just cannot get excited enough about it to watch it. And the Fantastic 4 movie? Please. This isn't even taking into consideration all of superhero tv shows out there now!

So, what changed?

Is it just that there was too much of it? OR is it something else? For me it is a few different things. 1. I was bored with Age of Ultron before the movie even premiered. Mostly due to the fact that there was a trailer/teaser every fifteen second either on tv or the interwebs. There was TOO DAMN MUCH OF IT. I made a comment to a co-worker today that I finally wanted the movie to show so it I could go see it and not have to deal with all of the damn promotion of it anymore. He laughed, and then agreed.

That is sad, cuz the second movie never had a chance of being as good as the first one anyways. That isn’t a bad thing, but the first had been built up with previous movies and it had a feeling of satisfaction to see it all come together. Ultron did not. But I digress.

Then there is word that there is almost 20 movies coming out between now and 2019 I think. Holy fuck. Reallly? Do I need to see another lackluster Thor movie? Yet ANOTHER Spiderman reboot? Or an Aquaman movie? I mean who is that movie for? Wow.

I will say this, I am at least intrigued by the Batman vs. Superman movie, and it will probably be the next one I see. Love me some Wonder Woman, but am afraid they will try to do too much and it will end up a mess. Suicide Squad? I don’t know many of them and don’t know what to make of that one yet.

My point is that is that too much? I mean it is great that we live in a world where these movies can be great. But with this many movies coming out in the next few years, will people just get tired of them?

I already am a little, but I know I can be brought back into it with the right movie. Here is how I feel about each movie.

Ant Man-meh
Fantastic 4-god no
Batman vs. Superman-they are winning me over
Civil War-excited!
X-men Apocalypse-a little excited
Doctor Strange-nope
Suicide Squad-jury is out
Wolverine 2-meh
Guardians 2-a little excited
Wonder Woman-hell yeah
Spiderman-Jesus, again?
Fantastic Four 2-see previous
Thor-see previous again
Justice league-depends on how movies do
Flash-more into the tv show
Avengers: Infinity war-not really
Black Panther-know nothing about him
Aquaman-is this a joke?
Captain Marvel-mildly interested.
Shazam-Wait. What?
Yet another avengers movie-ugh
Justice League 2-don’t know

That is not really inspiring. Of the 20, I may go see 8. I know there are people out there that may be excited about a lot more than this, and that is cool. Go see what you love and I really hope they are all amazing. 


  1. You are definitely not alone. There are a number of people expressing much the same thing. It would probably be better if we didn't have three studios competing simultaneously for screen space. (At this point, MCU and the X-titles are pretty effectively separate and competing against each other. FF and Spidey are in a sort of limbo, and will likely soon be sucked into the MCU vortex. Especially if this FF reboot does not do well.)

    Me, though? I'm still excited. I loved Ant Man. And I especially loved that it was the first movie to really use the MCU as backdrop to simplify the exposition. I'm really pumped for Civil War, and tentatively excited about Infinity War.

    Of course, it helps that I've pretty much written off the DC line. Nolan's Batman was not good. The movies were fine, but they did nothing to connect me with the hero. I didn't even see Man of Steel. I'm pretty sure I'm going to skip BvS. I'll go see WW, mostly to support a super heroine movie. But they'll have to do a LOT to win me over to any others.

    I'm pretty meh on the X-titles. DoFP pulled me back in. It had good acting and a great comic book feel. The movies are still wildly uneven, though. The studio should really just hire Bryan Singer on as some sort of line producer to oversee the entire franchise.

    But, you do have a point. If we make it to 2019 without the bubble bursting on supers movies, I'll be stunned. Of course, then we'll have a small library stuffed with excellent DVDs that we can enjoy for decades to come.

  2. I think I am mostly burned out on Marvel stuff and am willing to give the dc stuff a chance. Still, all in all, nothing I wanna see until next year.