Sunday, August 14, 2016

Things to come on the blog

So, I have been pretty lazy for a while. I have not spent a lot of time writing anything on here and I finally reached the point where I want to do something about it. I miss writing, and this is a way to get me back into it.

A few things I plan on writing about.

Harry Potter-As I am a huge fan of these novels/movies, I plan on writing a post about each one. Thoughts on each story, and where they stand with the rest. Talking about both the novels and the books. I have read and watched the first six in the series, leading up to me reading Harry Potter the Cursed Child sometime this week.

Movies-One thing I am trying to do each month is to watch at least 8 new movies each month. Especially trying to watch movies that I may not normally watch as I usually love things with magic, lasers, or superheroes.

Star Wars-I want to talk about a few different Star Wars topics leading up to Rogue One coming out this year. My first one is about diversity in the new canon.

Video games-Lord knows I play a few of these. So thoughts about certain games or maybe even a review here and there.

Television-Lord knows tv seems to be getting better all the time. I just watched Mr. Robot and Stranger things, and may want to talk about them a bit.

Video games-I have thought about doing short Youtube videos talking about some of these things. Not sure I want to do that or not yet.

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