Sunday, June 22, 2014

My review of Godzilla

So, I have been a Godzilla fan since I was about 7 years old.

Hell, as a child, the first story I ever wrote was a story how Godzilla came to America and kicked some monster ass. Well, I didn’t think ass at the time, hell I was like seven. But after the debacle of the Godzilla made in the 90’s, I never really thought there may be another one.  But then I saw the trailers, excitement grew.

So, after watching it. I am torn.

First, the not so good. I did not care even a LITTLE about the relationship between Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Owen. Part of it is that it is hard to not see the nerdy kid in Kickass when I see him. But either way, their relationship just seemed kind of cliché and uninteresting. Hell, even the kid did nothing to help sell them as a family. Snooze.

Does a human part of the story, help? Yes, but there were times where the story seemed more about ATJ’s character, than the creature the movie was named after. He is just not a good enough actor to have that much weight in this kind of story.

 I want to see a movie that has huge monsters destroying cities and beating the crap out of each other.  For too long, they just would show a little of that. Only showing bits and pieces of the monsters.  But until the end, you did not even get to see Godzilla and the two monsters really go it. It felt like they waited a bit too long to do this.

What in the hell is that?

Now the good. You have to love Brian Cranston. He made you feel for him from the very beginning. In a scene that could have been just so so. It is never easy to do an emotional scene at the beginning of a movie as you have not invested in characters yet. But he is a damn good actor, and was good throughout. Ken Wanatabe was as good as well.

I remember reading that some Japanese thought that Godzilla was too fat. Now, to be fair, this is their baby and I can see how they would be a bit touchy about how it looked. But overall, I really liked how the creature looked. Yes, it was HUGE. But I felt it kept the overall look and that is what I wanted out of it.

The fight at the end made up for the lack of the creatures fighting earlier. Well, mostly. It was a free for all at the end it was nice to see the see the creatures do a great job of outmaneuvering Godzilla for a bit. But you do know what the name of the movie is, right? Eventually, our hero? took it to them. I especially love the moment where Godzilla unleashed its breath weapon. That was kick ass. I mean seriously kick ass.

Overall. If you are a fan of Godzilla, you will probably enjoy this. I do feel like they tried too hard to make AJT’s character relevant, but once you got to the end, the pay of was worth it. Godzilla was huge, but still felt like the creature I grew up. I think they are making a second one as our favorite anti-hero surely has more monsters to smash.

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